South Kitsap Wrestling Club ByLaws


South Kitsap Wrestling Club ByLaws

Article I - Name of the Organization

The name of this organization is South Kitsap Wrestling Club (SKWC).

Article II - Mission Statement

The mission of SKWC is to provide an environment that is committed to teaching the fundamental techniques of wrestling in a positive and encouraging manner, instilling the principles of good sportsmanship and teamwork, and to prepare and challenge all wrestlers and associated parents for competitive wrestling matches.

Article III - Governing Laws

The affairs of SKWC shall be conducted by the board members in accordance with established club by-laws, and State and/or Federal statutes that govern a non-profit organization.

Article IV - Changes to Bylaws

These Bylaws may be changed or modified ONLY by the SKWC Executive Board at any time in order to protect SKWC as a wrestling program. Passage of By-Law amendments requires a majority vote by the SKWC Executive Board.

Article V - Conduct of SKWC Members

  1. Participants, coaches, parents, and representatives of SKWC shall, at all times while acting as a representative of SKWC, conduct themselves in a manner which exemplifies good sportsmanship.
  2. Violation of the code of good  sportsmanship shall be dealt with accordingly by the SKWC Board.
  3. Anyone asked to leave for violation of the code of good sportsmanship may not be reconsidered for membership registration. SKWC reserves the right to refuse  membership to any individual.
  4. Consumption of alcohol and/or drugs will NOT be tolerated by any SKWC members during any direct wrestling functions involving a minor.

Article VI - Members

  1. The SKWC Executive Board shall consist of the (5) five members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar. The Executive Board members  CANNOT be related in any fashion, unless there is no one else to  fill the position. The SKWC Executive Board will have closed meetings for personal incidents (complaints), By-Laws, and head coach selection each fall. Head coaches will be appointed by the Executive Board. Team Parents will be appointed by the Head Coach. By-Laws will be reviewed by the Executive Board annually in the month of May.
  2. The SKWC General Board shall consist of up to (9) eight members: Gold Head Coach, Maroon Head Coach, White Head Coach, Grey Head Coach, Gold Team Parent, Maroon Team Parent, White Team Parent, and Grey Team Parent
  3. In case of a vacancy, the SKWC Executive Board has the authority to appoint, from SKWC membership, a person to fulfill an unexpired term.
  4. General Board meetings will take place on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (except for the months of March and May, in which there will not be a General Board Meeting).
  5. No member may serve as President and Head Coach simultaneously.
  6. Responsibilities of the SKWC Executive Board are as follows:
    1. President:
      1. Call to order and preside at all of SKWC general board meetings.
      2. Shall oversee SKWC, with a high focus of what is in the best interest of SKWC.
      3. Will be the official spokesperson for SKWC.
      4. Shall run each meeting through the Secretary’s provided agenda.
      5. Maintain an inventory of equipment/singlets/medical supplies.
      6. Present to the board a list of equipment, singlets, medical supplies etc needed before the beginning of each wrestling season.
      7. Keep existing equipment in good repair.
      8. Issue equipment (shirts, singlets, medical boxes, etc.) and maintain record of distribution.  
    2. Vice-President:
      1. Shall act in the place of the President during their absence.
      2. Shall assume President of the organization if the President’s term is unfulfilled.
      3. Shall assume the responsibilities of any other executive board member in their absence.
      4. Maintain team rosters for all of the teams.
    3. Secretary:
      1. Record the proceedings of every board meeting.
      2. Maintain a record of attendance of each meeting.
      3. Notify all board members and SKWC parents of the time and place of meetings.
      4. Must email a copy of the board minutes within 3 days following the meeting to all Executive and General Board Members.
      5. Must create an agenda for each board meeting, making copies for all that are present.
      6. Shall maintain website, facebook, and the league email. Must answer all emails within a timely fashion.
    4. Treasurer:
      1. Keep a complete and current record of all SKWC financial accounts.
      2. Prepare financial statements as requested, and a year-end season financial statement to be submitted at the April meeting.
      3. Shall pay all authorized bills.
      4. Shall be responsible for purchase of league insurance for SKWC, and providing it to the South Kitsap School District.
      5. Will organize our annual McTakeover fundraiser, ensuring that all volunteer positions are scheduled prior to event.
      6. Will schedule our league photo sessions, ensuring that every team parent gets the information to pass on to their parents and wrestlers.
    5. Registrar:
      1. Conduct registration at the beginning of each season
      2. Create advertising to get our open registration dates out to the South Kitsap area.
      3. Must keep a full record of the eligibility of each player, having a copy of each wrestler’s birth certificate.
      4. Notify president, coach and team parent of any ineligible wrestlers.
      5. The registrar will organize and arrange binders with all pertinent documents for each head coach of each individual team to have on hand for all of the wrestling matches and/or tournaments.
      6. Will create school flyers (approval by Executive Board) needed before printing, and distribute to all schools.
      7. Registrar will run all background checks and work closely with team parent and coaches giving him/her a daily update on background check eligibility.
      8. No wrestler will be issued their singlet until all eligibility (birth certificate and USAW card) and financial requirements have been met.
  7. Responsibilities of the SKWC General Board are as follows:
    1. Head Coach:
      1. Teach the wrestlers the fundamentals of wrestling.
      2. Helps recruit and trains assistant wrestling coaches.
      3. Responsible for overall behavioral conduct within their team at all events.
      4. Will swiftly address unacceptable behavior of assistant coaches, volunteers, parents, wrestlers and fans supporting your team.
      5. Will be honest and truthful, exhibiting good sportsmanship at all times.
      6. Teaches respect of opponents and officials both in victory and defeat.
      7. Encourages wrestlers to uphold the rules of wrestling.
      8. Consistently display high personal standards.
      9. Refraining from public criticism of fellow coaches and/or fans.
      10. Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language.
      11. Will be a positive role model for players, leading by example.
      12. Will place the well-being of every player ahead of personal desire to win.
      13. Will treat everyone fairly regardless of gender, race, sex, or religion.
      14. Will ensure that competition is suitable for the age, experience, ability and fitness 
      15. All head coaches shall obtain USAW Bronze Certification or better.
    2. Team Parent:
      1. Will act as the liaison between their team and the board.
      2. Will work closely with the coach, fulfilling all duties requested by their head coach.
      3. Will work closely with the parents on their team keeping them informed of practices, meets, photo day, equipment pick-up, McTakeover, and all required information.
      4. Will be responsible for the bouting at matches, however, you may recruit help.
      5. Plan and implement team party for your team at the end of the season. Medals are paid for by SKWC.

Article VII - Voting

  1. It shall take a majority vote of the Executive Board present to change any/all rules and any other affairs.
  2. The President shall vote, only in the case of a tie.
  3. To be eligible to vote on any SKWC affair, the individual will be required to have attended and signed in at a minimum of 3 of the last 5 general board meetings.
  4. Election of Officers shall take place at the June meeting, and will become the new officers at the August board meeting.

Article VIII - Team Structures

  1. We shall have between one to four teams consisting of a Gold Team, White Team, Maroon Team, and if necessary Grey Team.
  2. Returning wrestlers enrolled before the season begins shall be placed on their previous team.
  3. Enrollment will directly correlate to the number of teams within the program as follows:
    1. 1 - 49 wrestlers - 1 team
    2. 50 - 99 wrestlers - 2 teams
    3. 100 - 140 Wrestlers - 3 teams
    4. 150+ Wrestlers - 4 teams
  4. If enrollment declines the team with the least returning wrestlers will be absorbed by the other teams.

Article IX - Dissolution of Club

In the event the SKWC dissolves its membership, the following procedure will take place:

  1. All liabilities shall be paid at the last official SKWC Board Meeting.
  2. If the SKWC has assets remaining after all liabilities are paid and a new wrestling club is formed within one year (ie. 365 days) of dissolution of SKWC, the new wrestling club, association or organization shall be eligible to receive the assets of SKWC.
  3. If after one year (ie. 365 days) no new wrestling club, association, or organization has been formed, all assets shall be turned over to the South Kitsap High School Wrestling program to be used to purchase wrestling equipment.